Nautical Baby Shower Cake

Meet Mr. Crab!  I really enjoyed making this cute baby shower cake.  Plus, crab cakes are always delicious, right?  Ahahaha.  Okay, it’s not a crab cake, it’s a vanilla cake with white chocolate mousse.  Probably a better choice for a baby shower (and definitely a fun one)!

Nautical Baby Shower Cake

Nautical Baby Shower Cake Mid Close-up

I loved little Mr. Crab – I kind of missed him after the clients picked up the cake!  I’m sure he was happy to go to the party, though.  :)

Nautical cake close up

Nautical Baby Shower Cake Vertical

Sparkly Skating Cake

Winter this year seemed like it would last forever.  Thankfully, it didn’t – and now that we’re all enjoying the warmth of a well-deserved summer, why don’t we think about some ice and snow again?  Now, before you start sending me snowballs as hate mail, don’t worry, I’m certainly not missing the cold (I was one of the happiest to see it leave!), but this cake celebrates some of the fun parts of winters past.  This cake was for an end-of-season party for a team of synchronized skaters – similar to synchronized swimming, but on ice!  COOOOOL, huh?  Ahhaha, I’m so punny.  :)

Anyway, enjoy the cake, and the summer weather –  both always seem to disappear far too quickly!


Close up of the gumpaste ice skate.  The blade is painted with silver lustre dust to give it shine, and the whole cake is sprinkled with edible snowy glitter.


Argyle, Bow Tie & Moustache Cake

As a counterpoint to last week’s girly cake, I now present a very manly little cake for a manly little boy!

This was actually for a baptism, but could easily serve for a baby shower or birthday too (even for grown up, not so little boys with moustaches and bow ties of their own!).



Here’s the fully finished cake: the name plate on top is written in Greek for his baptism (fun fact – this is the second cake I’ve written on that I don’t know how to read.  I wrote “Happy Birthday” on this one in Armenian – I just have to trust they say what people tell me they do!)



Stegosaurus Dino Cake

I made this cute stegosaurus birthday cake recently for a little boy who absolutely LOVES dinosaurs.

I sent his mom a couple of different designs, initially – one was a cake shaped like a dino, like this one, and the other was a round cake with a little dino figure on top.  The birthday boy liked them both, but his biggest point of concern was why the little dino on the round cake (the baby dino) wasn’t with the big one (clearly the mommy dino!).  So, for his birthday cake I made sure to put baby and momma together.

At first, he also specified that he wanted the dino to be “dino colour”…  An obvious choice, right?  However, since I’m no palaeontologist, I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant and I was happy when he changed his mind to red!  And hey, red could have been dino colour – how do we know, at this point?  :)

So, here he is: Morris the Stegosaurus, as a red dino birthday cake (apparently Morris is the name the birthday boy goes by when he is pretending to be a stegosaurus – how cute, huh?).

Stegosaurus Dino Cake

I know he’s a little rotund to be anatomically correct according to the fossil records, but this way there was more cake to go around!  (For the record, Morris the Stegosaurus was vanilla cake with rainbow-coloured sprinkles right in the batter.  Again not anatomically correct, but much more delicious!)

Rosette Mousse Cake (and contest reminder!)

Here is the third (and final) cake I made last weekend – whew, that was a lot of cake!

This cake was a special one, since it was for the combined birthdays of my wonderful godparents (love you guys!).  However, I only managed to get a few quick snaps of it, since my ravenous family was waiting behind me, forks in hand (okay, we’d just finished a huge Easter dinner, so they weren’t THAT ravenous, but they still really wanted cake).  :)  So, my commitment to better photos lagged a bit on this one, but it was tasty, so I hope you’ll forgive me (and I actually got to eat this one – most of my cakes go to other people these days!).

This cake is also special because that’s not buttercream – that’s my white chocolate mousse!  My family’s favourite is my Black & White cake (dark chocolate cake with white chocolate mousse).  The mousse is much softer than buttercream, though, so I was unsure if it would hold up to the rosette piping – seems it actually turned out quite well!  Woohoo!  Finished with a peach-coloured gumpaste rose and rosebud.

Rosette Mousse Cake with Rose

Rosette Mousse Cake with Rose

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Raspberry Vanilla Swirl Cupcakes

Vintage Pink Ruffle Cake

Here we go: as promised, here is the second of three cakes I made last weekend!  This vintage-inspired pink wedding shower cake has piped buttercream ruffles and a gumpaste peony.  The top tier is smooth-iced buttercream.  It’s a bit hard to see in the photos, but I dusted the flower with some edible gold lustre dust to give it a bit more antique-y vibe.

The inside is my favourite flavour: Black & White Cake (dark chocolate cake with white chocolate mousse filling – yum!).

Congratulations to the beautiful bride, and all the best of wishes to you and your groom for your wedding and happy life together!

Pink Buttercream Ruffles Shower Cake

Pink Buttercream Ruffles Shower Cake


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