Buttercream Rosette Wedding Cake

Love is in the air this week, as Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us.  That air may be a bit chilly at the moment, but the love I’m currently thinking of reminds me of warmer days of summer.  Specifically, I’m thinking back to this cake I made for a sweet couple who got married on a lovely, warm day back in August.  (I’m a little late in sharing it with you, but why not spread the love – and the summer memories – a little further?)

It was sweet and simple – a two-tier version of my classic buttercream rosette cake, topped with a vintage-inspired, gold-dusted gumpaste rose.  A collection of matching full-size and mini rosette cupcakes with gold dragees finished the display.


Here’s a better view of the gumpaste rose – the edges are finished in edible gold paint, and dusted all over with gold lustre dust to give it that antique-y vibe.

The whole display:




Hopefully this love will warm you inside and out, as we wait for summer days to come again.  Congratulations again to the beautiful couple.  It was a gorgeous day, and I wish you the happiest of lives together!!

Elephant Baby Shower Cake

I have a sweet, simple baby shower cake to share with you today.

Momma’s waiting to find out the sex of the baby (how exciting!), so the request was for gender-neutral colours.  I went for a soft yellow with purple accents, along with multicolour bunting to add a bit of pop.  The lower tier is an extended 1.5x height – I’m really liking the look!

Elephant bunting baby shower cake.
I just love using cute little animals for kids’ cakes.  Mr. Elephant was a perfect choice to hold the welcome sign!

Elephant bunting baby shower cake.

This cake might remind you of this yellow bunting cake I did last summer – I loved that one so much, I was excited to reimagine some of its elements again.  The bunting and bow are reprised, but instead of the bright colours for a little girl’s birthday, I used a more muted palate to welcome this little one.  The little elephant is a new addition too, of course – rather fitting for a baby shower celebrating a new addition, I think!  :)


I made this cake for a farewell party at a company.  The guest of honour is a big fan of cheese, in all its forms.  They’d considered just serving big wheels of actual cheese, but since everyone also loves cake, we came up with this idea – a cake that LOOKS like cheese!  The top tier is “brie”, the middle tier “gouda”, and the bottom “cheddar”, but inside they’re all tasty, tasty chocolate cake.  Yum!

Actual cheese cake

Here’s a close-up of the “grilled cheese” – actually vanilla cake with orange buttercream between the slices.  I did butter and grill the cake slices to give them that grilled cheese look (I won’t say what happened to the last triangle, but let’s just say warm, grilled, buttered cake is DELICIOUS).  The slices are laid out to replicate the company logo, which is three triangles in darkening shades.  The t-shirt itself was requested because they’d once had company t-shirts printed with their logo as grilled cheese (you know, as you do).  Now with the fondant shirt and cake logo, they can have their shirt and eat it too!

Actual cheese cake.

Actual cheese cake

Actual cheese cake

Of course, where there’s cheese, you’re bound to find cute little fondant mice.  I couldn’t resist completing the cake with a CHEESY pun!

Actual cheese cake

Mmmmm… now I want some cheese!  And cake!  And cheesecake!

Canadian-British VW Bug Cake

I made this cake for a wedding couple who had both Canadian and British ties.  Since my husband is a “Britnadian” himself (born and raised British, in Canada over a decade now), we actually did some Canadian and British touches at our own wedding, but we didn’t have it featured in the cake.  We’ve been one-upped, and I helped them do it!  :)  Well, I approve anyway.

The topper was a classic VW bug car, with the quintessential Union Jack on the roof panel.  More Union Jacks and maple leafs alternated on the sides, with the “O” in “LOVE” shaped like a maple leaf and topped with a Union Jack – the ultimate representation of both countries!  Tip top cheerio, eh?  :)

British Canadian VW Bug Cake

British Canadian VW Bug Cake

British Canadian VW Bug Cake

British Canadian VW Bug Cake

British Canadian VW Bug Cake



Chevron Fox Birthday Cake

Happy New Year, everyone!  It’s been a while since I posted, but I’ve certainly been busy (both with making cakes and with the general holiday chaos!).  Now that things have returned to normal (whatever that is…), I thought I’d get back to sharing my tasty treats with you.

Today’s share is this cute fox cake for a little boy’s first birthday.  His mom wanted to match these beautiful party printables from Etsy (check them out – ThePrettyPaperStudio is based in London, ON, so I’m always happy to put a shout-out for fellow Canadians!).  Mom wanted to focus on the mint-green with white mini-polka dots, which I used for the name and age number.  Grey mini-chevrons adorned the sides, and I created little Mr. Fox for the top!  The set has a cute deer and raccoon, too, but the fox was her favourite (and I think mine too).

Chevron Fox Birthday Cake

Chevron Fox Birthday Cake

Chevron Fox Birthday Cake
Mom also requested a mini buttercream smash cake for the birthday boy.  I used a simple petal technique, with another mint polka-dot #1 to match the main cake.

Chevron Fox Birthday Cake
I hope you enjoyed this cute little cake as much as I did!  That’s all for now, but I’ll be back with more catch-up cakes later.


Braaaaaaain Cake.

As the snow starts to fly and holiday lights start to twinkle, I thought I would share a special cake with all of you.  It’s a braaaaaaaain!

Um…what?  Wrong holiday, you say?  Don’t worry, I know Halloween is over.  But this wasn’t a Halloween cake, this was for an eight-year-old girl’s birthday party.  Every little girl dreams of a realistic brain cake for her birthday, right?  Well, this one did!  She is a very cool kid, who threw a very cool “mad science” themed birthday party, and this cake was at the centre of it all.




I’ve pretty much always got cake on the brain, but this time it was cake AS a brain.  :)  What do you think – fun?  It’s shiny!  Gross?  You have to perform a lobotomy to serve it.  Awesome?  It’s braaaaaaains!!  Well – it’s certainly tasty, whatever else it may be!

Canadiana Moose Cake

I make a lot of mousse cakes, but today we have something a bit different – an actual MOOSE cake!

As a proud Canadian, I loved making this birthday cake.  The request was for a Canada-themed cake to match the plaid-and-moose adorned invitations, so this was what I came up with!  What could be more classically Canadian than plaid, a moose, and a lumberjack’s axe?



We also included a mini 4″ smash cake for the little birthday boy.  Buttercream petals kept it sweet and simple, and the #2 is dressed with a bit of plaid to match the main cake.

Until next time…  I’ll MOOSE you!  Oh wait…  I’ll PINE for you!  Yeah, that’s a better pun.  I WOOD choose that one.  (Okay, I’m done now.)  :)