Purple Owl Baby Shower Cake

This baby shower cake was for a momma-to-be who is a HUGE fan of purple.  I created this cake to match her owl-themed nursery, and of course I had to use lots of purple!

Purple Owl Baby Shower Cake
In her tiny bundle was a sleepy wee baby owl, also purple!

Purple Owl Baby Shower CakePurple Owl Baby Shower Cake

Race Car Cake

Vrroooom – today’s cake is a sweet but simple race car cake, for a very sweet four-year-old.  I love the red and blue colour combo.  I think it really punches it up!

Racecar CakeRacecar CakeRacecar Cake

Woodland Creatures Cake

Today’s cake is a cute woodland scene, with a furry Mr. Fox and his friend the Owl.  Woodland Creatures Cake

I’d been wanting to try a tree stump cake for a while, so I was thrilled to get this request!  It was fun playing with the textures to get the cut side and the bark looking just right.  The colour scheme, polka-dot mushrooms and golden leaves were made to match the party invitation.

Woodland Creatures Cake

The bark was a blend of modelling chocolate and fondant.  Edible paints don’t stick as well to modelling chocolate, so this made the paint bead up slightly on the sides – perfect for that rough bark!

Woodland Creatures Cake

Woodland Creatures Cake

I really enjoyed this one – WOOD you eat it??  :)

Miss Monkey Business

Today’s cake was for the first birthday of a very special little monkey.  …Okay, it wasn’t actually for a monkey, it was for a human child (in case you were concerned), but since she was born her parents have called her their little monkey.  For her first birthday party, then, they thought it fitting to represent this nickname in cake form!

And so, may I present Miss Monkey:

Sculpted 3D Monkey Cake
Isn’t she a cute little monkey?  The theme for the rest of the party was pink and gold, which we tied in to the cake with Monkey’s pink-and-gold hair bow and her own little pink-and-gold mini cake with a 3D #1 on top.

Momma said after the party: “I have to tell you….the cake was the hit of the party! Thank you so so much for making my little monkey’s first birthday extra special!”  It was my pleasure!  :)

Minion Buzz Lightyear Cake

What is it about these crazy little minions that everyone just loves?  Well, they’re cute, silly, fun-loving and ever so slightly ridiculous, so what’s not to love?  If the new Minions movie opening today is any indication, they’ve long outgrown their humble Despicable Me past to shine brightly on their own!

Today’s cake was for a little boy who just couldn’t decide between his love for these fellas and another childhood fave – Toy Story‘s Buzz Lightyear!  If there’s ever a day to get everything you want, surely it’s your birthday, so I combined the two, into a minion wearing Buzz Lightyear’s outfit!

A Despicable Me minion cake dressed as Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story.

A Despicable Me minion cake dressed as Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story.

From all evidence, minions do love playing dress-up, so I thought this would be appropriate.  Of course, he had to get all the details of his costume right!  In this case, his outfit (and the whole cake!) is entirely edible, including some tasty modelling chocolate wings.

One small creative update: while Toy Story‘s Buzz had Andy’s name on his foot, I thought we’d update this one with the birthday boy’s name!

A Despicable Me minion cake dressed as Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story.

A Despicable Me minion cake dressed as Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story.
Well, I hope this birthday was “to infinity, and beyond” (and full of giggly minion-noises)!

Poochie-Dog Pup Cake

I made a dog cake!  This is Poochie.  The name Fido had already been taken by my recent unicorn cake, but I think this fella is more of a Poochie anyway.
3D sculpted yellow lab dog cake.
He’s a pretty boy.   3D sculpted yellow lab dog cake.
He’s a yellow lab on the outside, chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream on the inside!

3D sculpted yellow lab dog cake.
Sit!  Stay!  Good boy.

3D sculpted yellow lab dog cake.

Super Awesome Unicorn Cake!

Meet Fido.  Fido is a unicorn.  Fido is a cake.  Fido is a super awesome unicorn cake!

Super awesome unicorn cake.
He’s very happy to be an edible unicorn.  You can tell by his toothy grin.

Super awesome unicorn cake.
Like all unicorns, he is made of sunshine and magic (and cake – lots of cake).

Super awesome unicorn cake.
And, also like all unicorns, he poops glittery rainbow Skittles turds.  (It is known.)

Butt and Skittle poop of a super awesome unicorn cake.
Okay, you might be wondering at this point why I made a giant unicorn cake that is pooping glittery rainbow Skittles turds.  A fair question, I feel!  This majestic beast of sugary wonder was constructed as part of a farewell for wonderful woman who is pretty majestic herself.  She’s transferring to another office within her company, and the team requested this cake as part of her send-off.  This shows just a hint of how much they’re going to miss her!  Oh – and she LOOOOOVES unicorns.  Did I forget to mention that?  And Skittles.  And… glittery rainbow turds, apparently.

Butt and Skittle poop of a super awesome unicorn cake.

Mmmm… rainbow-y.

If you’ve been paying attention, you might also have wondered why his name is Fido.  Well, when I was building him, my husband thought the internal structure looked more like a dog than a unicorn, so he named him Fido.  The name stuck, so I went with it!  I felt he needed a more unicorn-y last name, though, so I extended it to Fido McSparklebutt, and gave him a sparkly heart butt tattoo to live up to his moniker.  I thought, as an awesome unicorn, he could pull it off.  I think I was right.  :)

Super awesome unicorn cake.

Big shout-out, too, to The People’s Cake’s Kaysie Lackey for her Craftsy teachings on the internal structure of this fella.  It was my first time attempting a cake that stands on its own four legs (since most cakes have no legs to speak of at all…), and her guidance saved me a lot of trial and error!

Here are Fido and I together before he went to his fancy party!  (Sorry for the photo quality – this was a quick phone snap!)

Me with Fido the Unicorn cake.

Yay Fido!  What a guy.

Super awesome unicorn cake.

Well, that’s all the unicorn pics for now, folks.  Fido wishes all of you a cake-filled day.  And remember: Always be yourself.  Unless you can be a unicorn cake.  Then always be a unicorn cake.

…Sound advice, Fido.  Sound advice.

Always be a unicorn