Animal Bunting Cake

A trio of cute little animals decorates this sweet first birthday cake!

Giraffe, Elephant and Lion Cake with Bunting
Here’s Mr. Giraffe:

Giraffe, Elephant and Lion Cake with Bunting

Mr. Lion, chillin’ and danglin’ on the edge of the tier:

Giraffe, Elephant and Lion Cake with Bunting
And little Mr. Elephant (okay, maybe he’s more rotund than little…):

Giraffe, Elephant and Lion Cake with Bunting
They all have cute little tails, as well, but for some reason I didn’t think to get a shot of their rear-views (can’t imagine why that wasn’t a priority…).  You’ll just have to take my word that they were cute.  :)

Either way, Happy Birthday to little Gatsby – I hope your party was WILD!




A Cooking, Baking, Traveling, Tilting, Corvette, Kitty, Retirement Cake!

It’s a bit of a strange title for a blog post, I know, but I just wasn’t sure what else to call this cake!  Whatever you call it, it was quite the cake, for quite the wonderful retiree.

I was told that the guest of honour has some awesome plans for her retirement.  Among these, she wants to take some cooking classes, spend more time baking (I approve!), and travel the world.  She also just got a new cat, and she and her husband have plans to get a blue Corvette (hey, it’s no kitty, but it’s shinier and better on road trips).

I was asked to incorporate all of those elements into one snazzy cake for her farewell bash.  So… here it is!

A Cooking, Baking, Travelling Retirement Cake

Each tier featured one of her retirement plans.  The bottom tier was dedicated to cooking: a big pot full of spaghetti and meatballs spilled out onto the cake board, surrounded by various cooking paraphernalia (everything is edible, even the “wooden” spoon!).  Hopefully when she’s got time to cook at her leisure, she’ll be a little neater than I was and keep the spaghetti in the pot!

The “meatballs” are chocolate-covered cake balls, the “tomato sauce” is made from a base of corn syrup with chocolate cookie crumb “ground beef”, and everything else is either gumpaste or fondant, including the “marble” countertop.  I used a rice krispy wedge to hold the lid open (some of the party-goers chowed down on this krispy wedge as soon as it was disassembled – it was described as “so worth it”.)

A Cooking, Baking, Travelling Retirement Cake

The middle tier was a classic “pretty cake”, dolled up with pink details on its own edible plate, as a shout-out to her plans to bake more often in her retirement.  The top tier was a 3D globe, representing her desire to travel the world (and, to me, representing an extra challenge to make a sphere appear to balance on the edge of an already-tilted middle tier!).

A Cooking, Baking, Travelling Retirement Cake

On the very tippy-top, her fuzzy new feline friend was piloting the company jet to take her off on her adventures.

A Cooking, Baking, Travelling Retirement Cake

Down in front was the retiree herself, accompanied by the always-dreamy Fabio.  The initial idea was for to be her husband in the car with her, but he declined when asked to provide a picture of himself.  Her colleagues threatened that if he didn’t, they’d get me to put in Fabio instead, and he actually liked the idea!  So, open-shirted Fabio it was, complete with rippling abs and fully-formed nipples (not something I’ve often sculpted from fondant!).  Oh my!

A Cooking, Baking, Travelling Retirement Cake
So, there you have it.  A snazzy retirement cake!  Best of luck to the retiree – I hope she has at least as much fun in her retirement as I did making this cake for her!


Bouncy Ball Cake

What says childhood more than a simple bouncy ball?

How about a bouncy ball cake?

Bouncy Ball Cake
For this birthday boy, bouncy balls are his favourite toy, so it was a natural choice for this sweet and simple birthday cake.  Another favourite of his is a book that features a red tow truck, so I wanted to incorporate that into the design too.  Here’s his red truck, on a bouncy ball all of its own!

Bouncy Ball Cake

Hope you had a bouncy birthday, Clem!

Bouncy Ball Cake

Buttercream Rosette Wedding Cake

Love is in the air this week, as Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us.  That air may be a bit chilly at the moment, but the love I’m currently thinking of reminds me of warmer days of summer.  Specifically, I’m thinking back to this cake I made for a sweet couple who got married on a lovely, warm day back in August.  (I’m a little late in sharing it with you, but why not spread the love – and the summer memories – a little further?)

It was sweet and simple – a two-tier version of my classic buttercream rosette cake, topped with a vintage-inspired, gold-dusted gumpaste rose.  A collection of matching full-size and mini rosette cupcakes with gold dragees finished the display.


Here’s a better view of the gumpaste rose – the edges are finished in edible gold paint, and dusted all over with gold lustre dust to give it that antique-y vibe.

The whole display:




Hopefully this love will warm you inside and out, as we wait for summer days to come again.  Congratulations again to the beautiful couple.  It was a gorgeous day, and I wish you the happiest of lives together!!

Elephant Baby Shower Cake

I have a sweet, simple baby shower cake to share with you today.

Momma’s waiting to find out the sex of the baby (how exciting!), so the request was for gender-neutral colours.  I went for a soft yellow with purple accents, along with multicolour bunting to add a bit of pop.  The lower tier is an extended 1.5x height – I’m really liking the look!

Elephant bunting baby shower cake.
I just love using cute little animals for kids’ cakes.  Mr. Elephant was a perfect choice to hold the welcome sign!

Elephant bunting baby shower cake.

This cake might remind you of this yellow bunting cake I did last summer – I loved that one so much, I was excited to reimagine some of its elements again.  The bunting and bow are reprised, but instead of the bright colours for a little girl’s birthday, I used a more muted palate to welcome this little one.  The little elephant is a new addition too, of course – rather fitting for a baby shower celebrating a new addition, I think!  :)