Elsa & Olaf “Frozen” Cake

Do you want to build a Frozen cake?

And no, I don’t mean heading down to your local DQ (though those ice cream cakes are DELICIOUS)… I mean the smash-hit Disney movie with those catchy songs that kids (of all ages) couldn’t stop singing (ever…).

With Toronto’s first real touch of winter weather lately, what better time to share this snowflake-covered confection?

Disney Frozen cake with Elsa and Olaf

Like so many little girls, this birthday girl’s favourite character is the lovely Elsa.  In this case, she was piece-cut from fondant, with modelling chocolate hair and hand-painted makeup (I guess most make-up is, really…).

Disney Frozen cake with Elsa and Olaf

Of course, everyone’s other favourite character is the lovable Olaf, done here in solid modelling chocolate (okay, not entirely solid… there are bits of dry spaghettini in his arms.  There, you know my secrets!).

Disney Frozen cake with Elsa and Olaf

Speaking of secrets, this photo shows a good close-up of the tiny little snowflakes that covered the cake.  Unlike the bigger ones that were individually hand-painted, these smaller ones used a very sophisticated technique called “dip my brush in the edible paint and flick it repeatedly at the cake”.  ;)  Good thing it was white, or it would have made a huge mess!

Disney Frozen cake with Elsa and Olaf

And speaking of making huge messes…  I wanted to capture the beautiful colours of the rich night sky from the movie.  So, instead of using a plain blue fondant, I actually started each of these with white fondant and airbrushed on several shades of blue and purple.  I loved the effect, but whew, did I find that blue everywhere!!  I used a drop cloth for the immediate area, but I learned through this cake that airbrush colour is very floaty.  Oh well – I think it was worth it!  :)

Disney Frozen cake with Elsa and Olaf

Well, Thora – it was a lot of fun making this cake for you, so I hope you had a wonderful birthday (and I hope you get to build lots of snowmen this winter!).

Who wants STEAK (cake)?

Everyone loves a good steak.
If you’re craving something that looks meaty and but tastes sweet, this cake should hit the spot!

Steak Cake with carrots, tomato and chef's knife

This nice, juicy t-bone is actually a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream.  It’s covered in a blend of fondant and modelling chocolate and hand-painted to give it that char-grilled look and texture.  The parsley, salt and pepper (actually chopped fondant) top it off!

There’s a side of gumpaste carrot and modelling chocolate tomato…

Steak Cake with carrots, tomato and chef's knife
…along with a gumpaste chef’s knife, and a recipe for a very happy birthday!

Steak Cake with carrots, tomato and chef's knife
Every bit is edible – even the “wooden” cutting board is fondant.

steak-cake-2 watermark

Food that looks like other food is fun.  Doubly tasty!

Little Lion Cake

Today’s sweet and simple cake was for a girl who loves yellow.  Last time, that was her only request – she wanted her cake to be yellow, so I made this cute bunting cake.  This year, she’s into lions, too, so this wild little cake it was!

Lion Cake

Peg + Cat = Fun Cake!

One of the pleasures of designing cakes is that I get to hear about all sorts of fun kids’ shows that I would otherwise know nothing about.  A recent example is this cake, based on the show Peg + Cat.

That’s Peg there on the side, and the blue fella dangling from the balloon is her cat.  They like to do math.

Peg + Cat Cake with hand-painted scenery

In the initial request for her daughter’s cake, the mom described the show as “a math-themed series featuring a girl and her cat who solve math-related problems,” while also involving “barn animals, three teens, 100 chickens, and an alien”.  Um…as you do?  This show sounds AWESOME!  :)  I was instantly intrigued, and couldn’t wait to make this cake.

When not solving math problems, Peg and her cat like to bake cakes, hence the mini-cake on top.  I like these guys.

Peg + Cat cake with balloon, cake, and hand-painted farm scenery.

A few hand-painted elements finished this cake: the birthday girl’s name is modelled after the font used on the show, and around the base tier I painted a replica of the cool watercolour-style background art they use.  Notice that the clouds are infinity symbols – way to tie in the math reference!!

Peg + Cat cake with balloon, cake, and hand-painted farm scenery.

Feel Better – It’s Cake!

Today’s cake will make you feel better.  Cake always make things better, but this one especially so, because it was made to feature some of Johnson & Johnson’s most popular personal care products.

Every part of this cake is entirely edible.

Johnson & Johnson cake with edible products

The Band-Aids, Tylenol, Motrin and Johnson’s Baby Lotion are made from solid modelling chocolate, and covered on all sides with edible-printed packaging.  You can slice them up and eat the entire box or bottle, packaging and all!

The “wooden” crate is made from modelling chocolate (with chocolate cake and vanilla buttercream inside), the marbled cake board is fondant and even the tissue paper is edible wafer paper.

Johnson & Johnson cake with edible products

I actually had a great experience while delivering this cake.  I had set the box on the receptionist’s desk while we waited for the contact person to accept the delivery.  Another employee came by and peeked in the box, then commented, “Well, that’s misleading.”  I asked her what she meant, and she explained, “That box says ‘CAKES by Caralin’.”  When I assured her that it actually WAS a cake, she was floored!  “Really??” she asked, “That whole thing is edible??”  It was fun.  :)

Well, I hope they enjoyed eating it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Johnson & Johnson cake with edible products

Purple Owl Baby Shower Cake

This baby shower cake was for a momma-to-be who is a HUGE fan of purple.  I created this cake to match her owl-themed nursery, and of course I had to use lots of purple!

Purple Owl Baby Shower Cake
In her tiny bundle was a sleepy wee baby owl, also purple!

Purple Owl Baby Shower CakePurple Owl Baby Shower Cake

Race Car Cake

Vrroooom – today’s cake is a sweet but simple race car cake, for a very sweet four-year-old.  I love the red and blue colour combo.  I think it really punches it up!

Racecar CakeRacecar CakeRacecar Cake